Youth & Education

These groups work toward a world where young people have opportunities to learn how to participate fully and meaningfully in society, and to pursue ideas and thoughts they find interesting.

Some groups work to influence what is taught in schools, while others work to provide children and young people with spaces where they can learn and socialise.

Children are the future!

Leeds YouthStrike4Climate

This is the group for the Leeds branch of the international movement trending under the #YouthStrike4Climate and #FridaysForFuture hashtags.
Ecological Justice and Youth & Education

Interact: Centre for Intercultural Learning & Action

Interact, Centre for Intercultural Learning & Action, is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting intercultural development. Learning and Action are at the root of the organisation; reinforcing the commitment to combine challenging interdisciplinary theoretical research and learning, with tangible, practical, real life solutions.
Community, Human Rights, Migrant Rights, Political Theory and Youth & Education

Green School Leeds

This group aims to set up a committee to start an alternative provision free school in Leeds. This provision will target the NEETS young people, those not engaging in mainstream education, young offenders and those to be sent to a PRU.
Youth & Education

Zimbabwe Educational Trust

Zimbabwe Educational Trust is a diaspora-led UK registered charity. It was founded in 1987 to support Zimbabwean nationals in their efforts to further their education. Our current work focuses on improving the material conditions within Zimbabwean schools and improving the social conditions which shape children’s access to education and their attainment whilst in education.
International Solidarity and Youth & Education

Woodcraft Folk – New Groups Project

Creating more opportunities for Education for Social Change in West Yorkshire.
Community and Youth & Education

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