Disability Rights

These groups work to achieve fair and equal rights for people with disabilities, ensuring their opportunities to participate in society, both physically and digitally are unhindered.

By enshrining these rights in law, both domestically and internationally, they work toward a world where being born with a disability, or acquiring one during your life, will not negatively impact your opportunities.

Leeds Disabled People’s Organisation

Our mission is to bring together disabled people in Leeds and combat the social isolation and exclusion they face, as well as providing a safe space for the promotion of the ‘three As’: Activism, Accessibility and Awareness. We run several events over the year, as well as a number of projects.
Community and Disability Rights


Are you fed up with the patriarchy and disability discrimination? Matriarch-Tea is a project spearheaded by several women from various backgrounds, associated with Leeds Disabled People's Organisation.
Community, Disability Rights and Feminism

People in Action

People in Action was established 35 years ago to help to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities, autism and other support needs.
Community, Disability Rights, Health and LGBTQI+

Connect in the North

We are led by people with learning difficulties who want the same opportunities and choices as none disabled people
Disability Rights

Centre for Law and Social Justice

Our over-arching strategic aim is the production of high-quality impactful research which addresses law’s potential to promote social justice. This is underpinned by a strong, supportive culture for all its members.
Disability Rights, Economic Justice, Health, Human Rights and LGBTQI+

Association of Blind Asians

The Association of Blind Asians is a city wide charitable organisation for people with visual impairments. ABA is a culturally diverse group which has been running since 1989. At ABA we provide people with visually impairment the support they need to manage their condition so they can live independent and fulfilling lives.
Disability Rights

Pyramid of Arts

We promote individual wellbeing and social inclusion through active engagement in the arts, by bringing together people with learning disabilities and associated physical and sensory impairments alongside others in the community who have, or wish to develop, an active involvement in the arts.
Arts & Culture, Community, Disability Rights and Health

Talking buses

A group campaign to have bus drivers in the UK announcing the stops on every route. Also not forgetting the audio and visual announcements.
Disability Rights and Transport

Mind Leeds

The aim of our work is to help people build on their strengths, overcome obstacles and become more in control of their lives. We have faith and optimism in our clients and so the services we deliver are built around what they need. We support people to discover their own resources to 'recover' and to live life independently with their mental health condition.
Disability Rights and Health

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