Centre for Law and Social Justice

Our over-arching strategic aim is the production of high-quality impactful research which addresses law’s potential to promote social justice. This is underpinned by a strong, supportive culture for all its members.
Disability Rights, Economic Justice, Health, Human Rights and LGBTQI+

Law and Social Justice supports scholars, activists, organisations and practitioners who are interested in and engage with questions about the existence of inequalities in welfare and social justice.

Our work considers the extent to which law can address these inequalities and help ensure that resources are shared more equitably. Further, we address the extent to which members of society have access to welfare provisions and access to justice according to their need, both in a legal and broader civil society sense.

Those working within Law and Social Justice have established international reputations across a range of areas including disability, health, access to justice, family relations, transgender rights, legal theory, reproductive rights, and human rights.

Research generated within the group interrogates the entrenched nature of inequalities and the evaluative frameworks and regulatory provisions (within law, public policy, and civil society norms) that aim to measure and promote welfare and social justice.

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