Friends of Syria Leeds

Fighting for freedom and justice for Syrians.
Human Rights, International Solidarity and Migrant Rights

Leeds Friends of Syria was founded as a direct response to the mass killings and human rights violations taking place in Syria, we seek to contribute to international efforts to stop the violence and to help provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

Our group is primarily based at the University of Leeds (where we are an official University society), but is open to all in the Leeds area and beyond who share our goals and values.

Our mission:

  1. To draw attention to the horrendous crimes being carried out in Syria under President Bashar al-Assad and his regime. This includes the murders and torture of women and children and the elderly.
  2. To work with other organisations in the UK, and international organisations including those based in Syria, to try and bring about an immediate end to the violence and the implementation of democratic reform in Syria.
  3. To contribute, as best we can, to the conditions of those suffering in Syria, to try and improve the situation while the violence continues.
  4. To campaign for trials meeting international standards of those responsible for the deaths of civilians, and the creation of a democratic and representative government in Syria.
  5. To support and encourage other groups, particularly university groups, to embrace the Syrian cause and to support our efforts. We also hope to support change and reform in other countries around the world, and the advancement of human rights for all.

For more information, please contact Josh Vuglar (campaigns secretary) on 07791776388 or jh10jv [at] or Christine Gilmore (president) on gilmore_christine [at]

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