The Global Native

We are an African Diaspora led development organisation working to support small-scale rural farmers in Zimbabwe who practice conservation farming.
Ecological Justice, International Solidarity and Land, Food & Agriculture

This is not simply about investment. This is about unshackling the chains of poverty and unlocking the productive capacity of the poor.

This is for those who will seek justice for the poor, who love mercy, and walk in humility before God. We are looking for investors who will trust the Lord for the ones in whom they invest – who will not just put their money but their hearts, who will pray for the people in the villages, pray for the program, pray for the restoration of Zimbabwe.

For some investors, it is also about unshackling the chains of debt and rebuilding our savings according to biblical principles. People who will trust the Lord for the rebuilding of their own finances, learning the discipline of saving and no longer allowing themselves to live in debt, people who will pray for guidance in how to invest. This is as much a work of the Spirit, as it is a practical work – this is faith in action.

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