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Plastic-Free Feb

February 1, 2019 @ 00:05 - February 28, 2019 @ 23:55

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What is Plastic-free feb?

Plastic-Free Feb was our first ever campaign. The concept is simple: can you go without disposable plastics for the whole month of February?

How can I take part?

We designed three levels of plastic-free living, so that anyone and everyone can get involved. Pick your challenge below, and be sure to join us on Facebook in the weeks leading up to February!

Take the Challenge

We all have a part to play in our global plastic problem. Small lifestyle choices to cut out plastics really does make a difference.

This February, why not see how much plastic you can cut out? Join us again and reduce your plastic footprint!

CHALLENGE 1 – The BIG four:

Cut out
– plastic bags
– plastic bottles
– takeaway coffee cups
– straws

Make your bag for life your best friend, get your morning cuppa in your own travel mug, or simply refuse the lid… Oh, and do you really need that straw with your G&T?

CHALLENGE 2 – A little bit more:

On top of the big four, no buying/using any
– disposable food packaging (fruit, veg, sandwiches, crisps etc)
– plastic cotton buds
– micro beads
– plastic cutlery.

Get friendly with the farmers at your local market, make your own packed lunch in reusable boxes and say goodbye to your face scrub or toothpaste with the micro beads!

CHALLENGE 3 – Go all out:

How many plastics can you cut out?

From homemade shampoos and face scrubs, to befriending your local bakery, share your top tips with your friends, family and on our page.


Get involved and see how easy it is to live plastic-free!

We CAN tackle our plastic problem.

Spread the Word!

Don’t keep your Plastic-Free Feb a secret. Tell your friends, family, colleagues and everyone else what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it! Share your progress on social media, on your blog, and let the world know what you’re doing!

Remember: never be disheartened if you simply can’t avoid plastic. An entirely plastic-free lifestyle is currently almost impossible. Just remember that every little truly does help!

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