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Germinar #8: New Narrative

March 17, 2019 @ 13:00 - 15:00


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A germinar is a space of collective learning, fun, and repose. It has no learning outcomes, no requirements, no teachers, and no curriculum. Instead, we aim to create a collective that is self-run and self-taught, that looks at austerity, the neoliberal university, and immigration policies in the UK in the context of queer lives and queer theory.

We intend to create a space that is open and unstructured for people to come share ideas and intervene without the stress and the labor of organising, while still reflecting on the realities of our lives, our city, and our futures. We will avoid producing more politics at all costs.


Dipping our toes into literature for the first time, we’re going to be reading about the New Narrative movement. An experimental literary style and theory, it includes a number of US-based queer poets and novelists influenced by the AIDS epidemic. We’ll read some excerpts and think about the links between writing, life, and politics.

A short collection of readings will be made available in advance, ready to download, read aloud, print or leave on a bus seat by this weekend via leedsgerminar.tumblr.com. We’ll post about it when they’re ready.

As always, the readings are not a condition for anyone to come, no preparation is required to take part in a germinar. There will be snacks, tea and coffee. A suggested donation of £2 is welcome to cover venue hire.

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