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Collective Economics

January 18 @ 10:00 - January 19 @ 18:00

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Access Space Network
3-7 Sidney St #Unit 1
Sheffield, S1 4RG
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  • This event has passed.
Collective Economics is micro course which forms part of the new initiative: the British College of Mutual Aid.

About this Event

The current members of The British College of Mutual Aid are the Foodhall projectAccess Space and Redhaus books in Sheffield, UK.

The two day event explores how we organise in a collective way by exchanging theories of best practice and alternative economics. The practical models needed to sustain social, architectural and creative collectives and the hurdles we all face as the social movement has more contributors.

The British College of Mutual Aid is an alternative to current education. With a goal to enable everyone, over time, to contribute to the collective knowledge to enhance a wider scope of views. Including views which don’t have any academic platform. Overcoming the age and financial boundaries of current UK education system by open and equal access. Over the weekend participants and collaborators are invited to come, live together over a two day period in a more immersive and alternative approach to learning and teaching one other.

This idea is in it’s infancy and this is the first event under this banner. It is currently led by a small network of members of independent radical spaces, and members of the international EASA community. These learning and creative exchanges exist beyond traditional academic or formal frameworks, but are qualifiable by the mutual agreement and consensus of the attendees.

Also contributing to this event

Dougald Hine of the Dark Mountain Project, recorded an interview especially for this event about his work and creating effective networks of self-organising projects.

Monika Kostera, academic and author of Occupy Management! in discussion about self-organizing and self-managing of organizations, and collective work for the common good, via Skype

Larisa Blazic, artist, researching how Blockchain can empower local communities

*Fran Edgerly+maybe others, of Turner Prize winning Assemble London via Skype

*Susie Steed, co-founder of the Brixton Pound

* Maria pastuskh. SESAM Poliklinika

*Elina Dzinovic, EASA Real.

+more (to be announced)

Please note that there will be a ticket price to suit you. Not being able to afford it shouldn’t be an obstacle to attending.

We are also looking for more venues who would be happy to deliver programmes under the banner, British College of Mutual Aid.

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