Political Theory

These groups work to discuss and disseminate various political ideologies and structures, with the goal of educating members of society to be able to participate in politics in a more meaningful way.

Some groups promote specific theories or ideologies, while others provide spaces and platforms for people to share and discuss a variety of theories or ideologies.

Learn more about local democracy, alternative political structures and theories, the reasons why politics is so fundamental to human culture, and much more.

Leeds University Marxist Society

Leeds University Marxist Society is open to everyone, whether they are a convinced Marxist or just want to learn a bit about socialism. We exist to spread the ideas of Marxism on campus, campaign for a socialist solution to social problems, and believe that a better society would be one free from the evils of capitalism: war, poverty, prejudice, and pollution.
Political Theory

Interact: Centre for Intercultural Learning & Action

Interact, Centre for Intercultural Learning & Action, is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting intercultural development. Learning and Action are at the root of the organisation; reinforcing the commitment to combine challenging interdisciplinary theoretical research and learning, with tangible, practical, real life solutions.
Community, Human Rights, Migrant Rights, Political Theory and Youth & Education

Independent Socialists Leeds

We're a group of student activists committed to building action and awareness through campaigns and mutual education.
Political Theory

Cafe Economique

Events about economics and its impact on your life
Economic Justice and Political Theory


#notwestminster is a network for everyone who has something positive to say about local democracy and for anyone who is up for a challenge. We host an annual event for local democracy advocates and we run Local Democracy Maker Days where we work together to build and test new ways of doing democracy, with digital.
Community and Political Theory

Reframing Disaster

Reframing Disaster is a major project based in Leeds that seeks to consider, commemorate, and support recovery for these and other global disasters.
Political Theory

Stand Up to UKIP

Leeds Stand Up to UKIP is a broad campaign group which aims to resist the rise of this racist populist party which scapegoats migrant workers and other minorities.
Political Theory and Racial Justice

Socialist Workers Party

The Socialist Workers Party are an activist, revolutionary organisation that have played a part in various class struggles in Leeds since the 1960s (when we were the International Socialists), and have a record of building wider campaigns such as Leeds Coalition against the War, Unite Against Fascism and Hands Off Our Homes.
Political Theory

Plan C

Plan C is an organisation of people who are politically active in their workplaces and communities. We work together to support each other, amplify our struggles and think strategically.
Political Theory and Workers Rights

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