These groups work toward gender equality across personal, social, political and economic spheres.

Groups in this section range from those offering  support to people who experience  domestic, sexual, gendered, and state violence in their daily lives, as well as groups challenging existing social norms and institutions.

Learn more about the history of feminism, the condition and definitions of feminism today, and how to participate in and involve others in conversation and dialogue around feminist aims.


Are you fed up with the patriarchy and disability discrimination? Matriarch-Tea is a project spearheaded by several women from various backgrounds, associated with Leeds Disabled People's Organisation.
Community, Disability Rights and Feminism

Leeds Community Clothes Exchange

A community project encouraging the exchange of clothes and accessories in order to develop community spirit, reduce consumption and raise awareness of unethical consumer habits.
Community, Ecological Justice, Economic Justice, Fashion Sustainability, Feminism and Human Rights

Sisters Uncut Leeds

Leeds branch of Sisters Uncut, a feminist group taking direct action for domestic abuse services.
Feminism and Human Rights

Leeds Women & Girls Hub

A group for women in Leeds.


Lolshevism is a new socialist feminist comedy club in Leeds. Founded in 2016 by people who liked Jeremy Corbyn, bell hooks and terrible puns, we aim to provide a comedy club free from misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism and other things from the UKIP manifesto.
Arts & Culture and Feminism

Reclaim The Night Leeds

Asserting women’s right to feel free from the fear of rape and sexual violence.

Women Conversation Leeds

We are a group of women, of different ages and backgrounds, who have experience in supporting conversation and dialogue.

Homeworkers Worldwide

Homeworkers Worldwide supports homeworkers in their struggle for rights and recognition. Homeworkers are mainly women who do paid work at home. Their work is low paid, they have no employment rights or social protection and are rarely recognised as workers. We support grassroots organising projects, campaign for retailers to improve conditions for homeworkers in their supply chains and lobby for international regulation to strengthen the rights of homeworkers and other informal workers.
Feminism and Workers Rights

One Billion Rising Leeds

It is estimated that more than one billion females on our planet are victims of gender-based violence. We want to change that.
Feminism and Human Rights


WOMEN ONLY Group provides Information & Support to Ladies about Health and Wellbeing.Runs Swimming,Exercise & Healthy Cooking Classes & a Drop in Service.
Community and Feminism

Leeds Feminist Network (LSFN)

Welcome to Leeds Feminist Network! Stay informed about the meetings, events and activism organised by LFSN.

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