These groups promote or operate as co-operative structures, which are social enterprises owned and democratically controlled by their members.

There are close to 7000 co-ops in the UK ranging from the high street supermarket, to housing co-ops, to food co-ops, car co-ops and everything in between.

The guiding co-operative principles are open and voluntary membership, democratic control, member participation, autonomy and independence, concern for community, and co-operation among co-operatives.

Leeds Community Homes

We create and enable community-led homes across Leeds City Region.
Co-operatives, Community, Energy and Housing

Green Action Co-operative

Green action is a society in the student union open to everyone, not just students. We are a co-operative group that runs a small volunteer whole food store downstairs in the students union. We have 2 allotment plots on woodhouse moor and facilitate students to campaign for environmental and humanitarian justice.
Co-operatives, Ecological Justice and Land, Food & Agriculture

Shangrileeds Co-Housing Group

We want to develop a community which will have both individual homes and shared space to work together, share resources and build friendships. We would like to achieve a balance of independence and interdependence to achieve a richer quality of life and a more sustainable way of living. We also want to ensure that any development will will make a positive contribution to the wider community in which it is based.
Co-operatives and Housing

Pedallers’ Arms

The Pedallers’ Arms is a place in Leeds to come and learn how to repair your bike in a friendly atmosphere. We run regular drop-in sessions and other bike related events.
Co-operatives, Ecological Justice and Transport

Chapeltown Cohousing

Yearning for a more ethical and community-based way of living? We’re planning to build a cohousing scheme somewhere in the Chapeltown/Harehills area of Leeds.
Co-operatives, Community and Housing

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