Animal Rights

These groups work to improve the rights of animals by decreasing animal cruelty, with the goal of enshrining animal rights in law.

The underlying assumption is that animals are entitled to live without pain and suffering, and that their lives have value independent of their usefulness to humans.

Learn more about the animal rights movement, why animal rights are important, and the case for animal rights.

The Human Aquarium

Started in 2018 to use art and performance to highlight environmental issues and animal welfare.
Animal Rights, Arts & Culture, Community, Ecological Justice and Health

Leeds Animation Workshop

An independent film production company, run by a women's collective. Founded in 1978 to make and distribute short animated films with a message. Also screenings, workshops, stalls, equipment hire, etc.
Animal Rights

Leeds Green Party

Leeds Green Party's vision is a greener, fairer, happier Leeds
Animal Rights, Ecological Justice and Energy

Bradford and Calderdale Animal Friends

We are a small but friendly group of people, made up of a mixed group of people from different backgrounds who campaign for animals who are used and abused in the vivisection laboratories, factory farms, zoos, circuses, hunted and used for fur.
Animal Rights

Vegetarian and Vegan Society Leeds

The Leeds Vegetarian and Vegan Society holds campaigning info stalls in and around Leeds at various events to educate the public about the livestock industry, healthy eating on a plant-based diet and the environmental effects of meat and dairy farming . It's also a social group.
Animal Rights and Ecological Justice

Leeds Animal Protection

Leeds Animal Protection is an animal rights group.
Animal Rights

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