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Decarbonising Transport – Connecting Carbon Targets to Action

January 7 @ 10:00 - 16:00

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Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
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You are invited to participate in an interactive workshop to scope out the future research agenda for decarbonising transport. This workshop, the first of a series of provocative research-led thematic events run by the DecarboN8 network, will explore the latest thinking about what the climate targets and trajectories implied by the Paris Agreement mean.

The first half of the workshop will debate what these trajectories look like and whether and how they need to be translated to the transport sector and at what spatial scale. The second half of the workshop will explore what the trajectories might mean in both the short and long-run in urban and rural settings for actions which can be taken. There will be a mix of academics and practitioners at the event in line with our co-creation of knowledge ethos.

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