Writing your group page

Bare minimum

  1. Enter the name of the group in the title box.
  2. Enter a brief description of the group in ‘short description’ (100 words max).
  3. Select one of the three status options e.g. ‘independent local organisation’.

At this point, you can click the blue Publish/Update button – but please fill in as much of the rest as possible. If you leave it there, your group won’t look very interesting at all and people won’t be able to get in touch with you!

Making your page awesome

Of course it is all objective, but if you want to see what the site editors think are good group pages, you could have a look at the Chapeltown Cohousing page or Leeds BDS. They both have good quality ‘featured’ images (the one that goes next to the group name), have a decent amount of description so you can see what they group is about and they have filled in all the necessary information so that people can get involved.

Let’s get your page looking awesome…

  1. Put in a decent description of your group in the big box. Probably more than 500 words is getting a bit much. You can add documents or images by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button at the top of the box.
  2. Fill in all the information – getting involved, all your contact information, location etc.
  3. Put in your logo, or another image if you don’t have one. Ideally, this should be a .jpg .gif or .png image on a white (or transparent) background with a height of about 150 pixels.
  4. Select tags and interests. You can either select from the most used tags, or you can just write in tags you think are suitable for describing your group. Having a look at the most used tags will give you an idea of what to write. The ‘Interest’ box allows you to click pre-selected categories. You can scroll down to find more and click as many as apply. Filling in the tags and interests really help people find your group.
  5. Select an awesome ‘Featured Image’. This might be the same image you have on your facebook page, or it could be a photo of a recent action. People love faces, so if you can have an image of people actually doing something, that’s ideal.

Choosing images for upload

For simplicity, consistency and to allow use in slideshows etc, all photos should be uploaded with a minimum height of 202 pixels and a minimum width of 432 pixels and sized roughly in those proportions (say width/height = 2.15). During upload, WordPress will resize and crop the image to 432 x 202, and generate a set of other sizes based on those proportions.Provided a photo is chosen with at least those dimensions and more or less that shape, the results are likely to be acceptable most of the time. However, if it doesn’t look quite right, or if you’d like to control what your image will look like on the page, resize it to 432 x 202 pixels.

But how do you get your image that size? I would recommend using an online image editor – I like Pixlr, but there are others out there.

Here’s a video tutorial which guides you through how to change the size of your image, and also crop it, in case you’d like to select just a portion of the image.

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