Sharing Skills through Leeds for Change

Posted 7 years ago

Leeds for Change gives an opportunity for organisers activists and campaigners in Leeds to be better connected and to share skills. The skills quiz gives organisers the chance to rate their skills in quite a fun, tongue in cheek way, and then offer to share their skills and to find others who can help them with skills they want to learn.

Don’t be shy! you don’t have to be a ‘ninja’ at something to share your skills. Sometimes the best person to get tips from is someone who is just one stage further on than you are. So don’t be afraid to offer to share your skills if you are rating yourself an ‘expert’ or ‘practitioner’.

So what am I letting myself in for with this?

By saying you are happy to share your skills you are agreeing to be contacted by other organisers in Leeds through the site. How (and if) you help them is up to you.

  1. By offering to skillshare you’re not offering to do the work for someone else but to help them to do it for themselves. EG if you are an ‘expert’ at web design you might offer to show someone how to build a site or give them pointers when they get stuck rather than building the website for them.
  2. Offering skillshare does not have to mean running a day long workshop for free (though it could). It could be as simple as meeting someone for coffee or giving them advice over email.
  3. You can benefit from skillsharing too. Lots of organisers are pushed for time and it may be that if you help a group out with media advice they could reciprocate by, for example, helping to put up posters for an event you are organising. If you are a professional at your skill it is perfectly acceptable to ask for payment if you are contacted  through the site.
  4. It’s fine to say no if you don’t have the capacity to offer help when asked. But please do at least reply.
  5. Please make use of this resource. It will work if you make it work!

If you want to talk to anyone about the resource or to help improve it email