There are so many people in Leeds who have the skills, experience and motivation to make change happen. With this skills quiz you can rate your skills on lots of different aspect of campaigning and group organising.

It’s fun, but also it’ll help you find skilled people who are happy to share their skills and also help identify areas where lots of organisers in Leeds would like some training or support.

Simply register as a user for the site, read the descriptions and rate yourself as a ‘novice’, ‘practitioner’, ‘expert’ or ‘ninja’ (the descriptions are for guidance don’t feel you have to meet every single bullet point – and don’t be modest – if you have skills let people know!) and tick the boxes if you’d be happy to share your skills with others in Leeds or if you would like to have training on this skill. Soon we’ll have a messaging service on this site so you’ll then be able to contact people offering skillshare directly. In the meantime please email and we will help to connect you.

This resource has been developed by the amazing people at Activist Skills and Knowledge in Manchester with cartoons from the excellent Marc Roberts

Find out more about how this resource works and what it means to share your skills on the blog.

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