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The results are in! If you want to find out where your candidates stand on these issues simply head on over to the results section for the constituency you live in to check it out.

We’ve had great engagement from the candidates in this year’s general election Fair 10 Challenge. So here’s some analysis of the responses from all of the parties and candidates that we were able to get in touch with.

We did try to contact all candidates through e-mail, telephone and twitter, even handing the questionnaires over in person when possible.

It’s worth pointing out that many candidates did not respond directly with a YES or NO to some of the questions, but instead supplied a statement. Therefore our interpretation of the response is used to determine the score. To check out the statements, head on over to the results section and scroll down for detailed responses where they were given.

Candidate Response and Average Scores

Party Candidate Response Average Score
Green 8/8 10
Labour 8/8 7.1
Lib Dem 6/8 6.5
Conservative 3/8 1.8
UKIP 6/8 3
AGS 2/2 10
Yorkshire First 1/2 8.5
TUSC 2/2 10
Above & Beyond 1/1 10

The smaller parties, with just one or two candidates in the Leeds area all have higher average scores than most of the larger parties and tended to do well with engagement. However it’s perhaps best to see for yourselves what they have to say on the individual issues as it’s difficult to get representative views when the samples are quite small.

Results For Parties Standing In All Wards

The bar chart above represents all of the parties which were standing in all seats in Leeds. I thought it would be best to leave the smaller parties out of this particular graphic as it would make it appear as though they were not responding in some areas, as the blank spaces represent no response.

It gives a good indication of the level of engagement with the Fair 10 Challenge from each party and from each ward. We can see that the Conservative party was the party least likely to engage with the Challenge, with only three candidates responding. The Greens and Labour, on the other hand, come out on top with full participation in all wards (eventually). Leeds West, Leeds North East and Pudsey all had full engagement by all major parties.

The chart also shows us the variety of opinions within parties: the Green party, for instance, seems to have a general consensus on all of the questions.  Labour and the Lib Dems’ opinions, on the other hand, vary rather dramatically within their own parties.

What’s popular and what’s not?

Question Positive responses (out of 37) Rank by Responses Leeds for Change Original Ranking
Fair Asylum Decisions 33 1 3
Action on Climate Change 27 2 5
Keep the NHS Public 23 3 1
Housing and Rents 23 3 6
No Trident Replacement 22 5 4
Fracking Ban 22 5 9
End Benefit Sanctions 21 7 8
Israel Arms Embargo 21 7 10
Vote Against TTIP 20 9 2
Robin Hood Tax 20 9 7

The table above ranks the positive responses from candidates against the questions and also how they originally ranked after being voted on by the Leeds for Change community. It only includes positive responses and not half responses, where the candidate didn’t wholly agree.

By far, fair asylum decisions received the most positive response from candidates, with action on climate change coming in a close second. It’s interesting to note that the two lowest positive responses are topics that could have major impacts for the economy and that the rankings do not necessarily reflect the concerns of the Leeds for Change community.  Do any of these results surprise you?

Half Scores

This table ranks the half scores where the candidate wouldn’t give a clear Yes or No response. If anything, it helps to reflect on the question that was posed, as sometimes the question had two or three points within which to agree or disagree. Some candidates maybe only have agreed to one or two of the points. It also shows where candidates have fully made their minds up. For instance, with fracking, all candidates either agreed or disagreed.

Question Amount of half responses
Fair Asylum Decisions 4
Action on Climate Change 5
Keep the NHS Public 6
Housing and Rents 10
No Trident Replacement 2
Fracking Ban 0
End Benefit Sanctions 8
Israel Arms Embargo 3
Vote Against TTIP 6
Robin Hood Tax 7

Thank You

These are the results of the Fair 10 Challenge of May 2015. We hope that the Fair 10 Challenge helped to inform your vote for the general election and that you found it a useful tool.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of the candidates for taking the time to respond during this busy period, as well as all of the amazing people who have voted, volunteered, campaigned, attended meetings, tweeted, emailed, called, donated or spoken out about the Fair 10 Challenge to make it such the huge success it has been this year.

Ben Jackson
Leeds for Change Fair Ten Challenge Coordinator

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