Leeds for Change funding

Posted 6 years ago

Every now and then in the world, something extraordinary happens.  This is one of these extraordinary happenings and you are being invited to participate.  Leeds for Change has been given an opportunity to distribute £500 grants to a total of 20 projects that support our fundamental principles.  We aim to link together groups in Leeds who are working to make the world a better place. Leeds for Change hopes to strengthen the existing cooperation between these groups, draw in others who want to get involved and make it easy to share skills and resources.


Guided by broad principles of solidarity, justice and equality, we hope to attract projects that express these values. Here is an outline of what these mean to the Leeds for Change team.  We accept that there might be productive disagreement about exactly what these values entail but the following is what they mean to us:


Solidarity: we aim to stand together in support of those who are marginalised and excluded because of their gender, class, race, nationality, (dis)ability, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, immigration status and other lines of oppression. By solidarity, we mean being actively on the side of the marginalised and excluded, and working with agendas and goals chosen by those affected. We want to transform the relationships of power that lead to oppression.

Justice: we believe that people should be treated with justice and humanity whatever their status, and that everyone has equal rights before the law. We recognise that these principles are frequently flouted, with the most vulnerable groups being treated unjustly too often, and we support all efforts to secure justice for people and the environment.

Equality: we advocate radical structural change designed to achieve much greater levels of economic equality; we want to see fully equal participation in political affairs by people in every walk of life; we want to sharply reduce the cultural and social inequalities that prevail today. We support those who campaign for equality in all sectors of society.


A panel of local people has been set up through the Leeds for Change steering group to use their collective broad experience of community projects to help decide where the money goes.  Decisions will be made at a meeting in early December and the money will be distributed to successful projects by 31st December 2014.  Funding will be available for projects which are already taking place, as well as those yet to start.


An application form is available to download below. If you have any questions, please email funding@leedsforchange.org.uk. The deadline for applications will be 5pm on Monday 17 November 2014. The only condition of application is that your group registers as a member group on the Leeds for Change website, so please ensure you register your group before submitting your application.


Leeds for Change Fund – application form