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The Great Northern Stop Brexit Conference

September 8, 2018 @ 11:00 - 19:00

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Creating a Vision of a New Britain without Brexit

How will a People’s Vote be won? How can we ensure that a future referendum on the UK’s status in the EU doesn’t just become a re-run of the disastrous 2016 EU referendum?

If we succeed in bringing about a People’s Vote, we must make sure that the we on the Remain side of the argument are the ones offering change and hope. The Leavers must be shown to be the ones who favour the failed status quo.

Leeds for Europe and Stop Brexit Ltd. believe that we need to create a bold, positive vision for the UK after Brexit has been cancelled. We need to seriously tackle major problems in our nation, such as the democratic deficit, growing inequality, neglect of “left behind” areas and the north-south divide.

Join us at this one day conference, as leading thinkers and a passionate audience debate what the UK and Europe could look like without Brexit and how we communicate this vision to the people in a way which inspires and motivates people to vote in numbers for the UK to stay in the EU.

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