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Café Mama – Being Ourselves in Our Bodies

February 15 @ 10:30 - 12:30

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Inkwell Arts
31 Potternewton Lane ls7 3lw
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Cafe Mama – Being ourselves in our bodies

Join us on February 15th to explore how we are in our bodies. How have menstruation, motherhood and our life experiences changed our bodies and how we feel about them?
What deeper truths can our bodies tell us? Can we listen to them? What gets in the way?

The world does not celebrate the fullness of our womanly bodies, our rhythms, our life stages. We experience our spirit and soul through our bodies. If we can embody our womanhood openly then we can find our power and be the best women we can be. This can help to make the world a more woman-friendly place.
Connecting to our bodies, and sharing our feelings and our experiences from this connection, can transform us and those around us.

Café Mama welcomes all women
and is not exclusive to mothers.
We encourage you to come and:
-Speak with your heart and mind
-offer no judgement
-commit to confidentiality
-contribute your thinking
-listen to understand
-listen together for patterns, insights and deeper connections
-focus on what matters
-slow down so you have time to think and reflect
-most importantly HAVE FUN!

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