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 Starting a Community Project of Residents Group

Ideas and inspiration for Community Projects

Funding the Left

For Campaigning

For Researching & Lobbying your City

Facilitating Workshops and Meetings

  • Training for Change: Training tools used in popular/direct education. Specifically for Diversity and Anti Oppression, Team Building, Organising and Strategy, Meeting Facilitation, Nonviolent Action and Intervention.
  • The Art of Hosting: Facilitating conversations that harness collective wisdom of a group.
  • Trainings: A bank of tools for running trainings, workshops, meetings, organising, and strategizing.
  • Seeds for Change have excellent guides on Consensus Decision Making, Facilitation, for Group Work, Co-ops and Running Workshops.
  • Leeds For Change Access and Inclusion Guide: A guide for activists and organisers to make their movements, events and campaigns as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Media Contacts

Follow link to the Leeds for Change Press Office Contacts spreadsheet for regional & national; TV, radio and print contacts to ring or send your press releases to.

Mediation, Accountability & Conflict Resolution

Online Organising and Project Management

  • Trello, Basecamp, Asana and Slack: free project management tools for teams, with boards, projects and lists to organise team tasks collaboratively
  • Loomio: a free online tool for collaborative decision making, built and run by a workers co-op.

Online Tools for Sanctuary & Wellbeing

  • Help in Leeds: an interactive online directory of organisations that help those seeking asylum or refugee, and volunteering opportunities within them. Directory has built in Map and Translation options.
  • Refugee Aid App: mobile app shows those seeking asylum/refuge and volunteers services closest to them on a map.

Online Security

  • Riseup: Riseup is a volunteer-run collective providing secure email account, email list, VPN, online chat, and other online services.
  • Aktivix: non-profit secure email, mailing list and VPN provider for communities of resistance.
  • Crabgrass: A secure group decision, discussion and management tool provided by Riseup.
  • Signal: Android, Iphone and desktop App for end-to-end encrypted messages, calls and videos, with disappearing message time settings.
  • Pirate Pad: online collaborative document editor, allows authors to simultaneously edit a text document, and to see participants’ edits in real-time.
  • Etherpad: is a web application that allows for real-time group collaboration of text documents. Riseup does not store IP addresses, and pads are automatically destroyed after 30 days of inactivity.
  • ProtonMail: email service with built-in end-to-end encryption.
  • Guide to setting up PGP Email encryption for existing email providers by Life Hacker

Legal Support

  • Leeds Green and Black Cross: Email via: if you’ve witnessed arrests or police misconduct at a protest, or for advice on your rights if attending or planning an action.
  • Harrison Bundey: Leeds-based Criminal Solicitors that will defend you if arrested / charged by the police.
  • Green and Black Cross Guides: Legal Observing, Arrestee Support, Being Arrested, Know Your Rights
  • Netpol (The Network for Police Monitoring) Guides on Policing and Law for Anti-Frackers : including resisting surveillance and understanding laws and offences
  • Manuel Bravo is a charitable organisation based in Leeds that aims to help asylum seekers who are unable to find adequate legal representation.
  • Leeds No Borders provide a list of good immigration solicitors in Leeds


Reading Lists


Independent Media

  • Everyday Feminism: is an intersectional feminist online magazine that features articles on gender, race, religion, sex, health, and class.
  • Open Democracy: Independent global media platform that seeks to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world.
  • Red Pepper: Independent magazine of the green and radical left.
  • Gal-Dem online magazine written by women of colour.
  • STRIKE! Magazine: is a platform for those involved in grassroots resistance, anti-oppression politics, and the philosophies and creative expressions surrounding these movements.
  • New Internationalist: leading independent publisher of magazines and books on politics, global justice and equality.
  • Novara Media: an independent media organisation addressing the issues – from a crisis of capitalism to racism and climate change – that are set to define the 21st century.
  • STIR Magazine: a quarterly print magazine for the new economy.
  • Ceasefire Magazine: independent political and cultural quarterly publication providing thought-provoking discussion and analysis on politics, art and activism.
  • Real Media: a cooperative of journalists dedicated to public interest journalism and challenging mass media distortion.
  • Jacobin: a left wing magazine offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture.
  • Films For Action: A catalogue of videos and articles covering how to make a more just and sustainable word.

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