Group Spotlight – Leeds DEC

Leeds Development Education Centre is an educational charity which has been raising awareness of global sustainable development issues with people in West Yorkshire for over 30 years. Currently they are focusing their attention on providing workshops for schools on a range of different topics from fairtrade to global debt and climate justice to philosophy. With the aims of enabling critical thinking, bringing different types of people together and creating an awareness of the impact we have as a global citizen through linking local or personal issues with global ones. These workshops can work for both primary and secondary schools, are curriculum focused can be adapted to meet each individual schools needs.

Leeds DEC is not just for schools however, they are happy to work with youth and faith groups as well as be used for team building events for groups and businesses. This can be done through brain stretching activities or away days with the focus always being on having fun, reflecting and engaging.

Leeds DEC have worked in partnership with a range of different groups in the past including other Leeds for Change groups like The Real Junk Food Project. Leeds DEC would love to do this more often and can help local groups create projects for their local community as well as set up funding applications. Leeds DEC would also love for individual members of Leeds for Change to get involved too. They are always looking for any assistance they can get to help inspire others, whether it be getting involved in classroom activities or helping increase their profile through help with marketing or admin jobs. This is also their reasoning for joining the Leeds for Change network, so they can increase their profile throughout West Yorkshire, build relationships with other amazing groups throughout Leeds and get more individuals, groups and schools involved in the great work that they are doing throughout West Yorkshire and beyond.

Leeds DEC and Fairtrade Leeds are hosting their 7th Fairtrade School Celebration!
The event will be held on Thursday March 9th at Leeds Civic Hall from 1-3.30pm with the Lord Mayor of Leeds. The Celebration will be focussed on ‘Taking a Break for Fairtrade’ with a Bean to Bar experience, Divine Chocolate tasting and Child led workshops.

If you are inspired by what you have read, what to learn more or get involved with this amazing organisation please contact Leeds DEC at or click here to visit Leeds DEC new exciting website.

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